As a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, I want to help you preserve the dignity and quality of your life, while you preserve the dignity and quality of life of your loved one. I have first hand experience with holding client’s anxiety and depression. If you are a caregiver, you might be holding your loved one’s anxiety around their illness. So who is holding you?

You might have found yourself in a situation that you never thought possible. This isn’t how you thought your life was supposed to turn out, caring for a loved one with debilitating illness. The many adjustments and questions that you never thought of, now have to be attended to. How will I pay for care? How will I manage? How will I keep my job?

As a caregiver, we sometimes give more than we can, we sometimes find ourselves so frustrated with all the tasks at hand, and forget to take care of ourselves. If we are not well, we will have nothing to give.

The anger and sadness caregivers experience cannot always be expressed safely to our family and friends. I provide a non-judgmental space in which to find comfort, care and understanding. The challenges caregivers face can be overwhelming without proper support. I encourage caregivers to find support that works, be it s support group or individual therapy. Because of the toll it takes, it is imperative that caregivers give back to themselves. I invite you to call and take the opportunity to find support.

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