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Dana Julian, LMFT

Counseling LA

Dana Julian, LMFT

Couples Therapy

Are you stuck repeating the same fights over and over? Would you like to go back in time when you were communicating effectively and easily? Often times we build up “hurts” that stop us from communicating clearly. Let me help you and your partner communicate effectively. Let’s make sure you both are being heard.

Are you ready to heal your relationship? To improve your communication, reduce the tension and stress and improve intimacy?

Your difficulty in your relationship has tentacles that can extend to many other areas. Perhaps your kids are affected by the stress in your relationship, or your work life is coming apart because of your relationship issues. Clearing relationship issues can have long and lasting effects not only in your relationship with your partner, but your whole life.

I work with couples to:

  • Help heal the betrayals

  • Identify your ineffective patterns

  • Reduce unnecessary assumptions

  • Work on sexual intimacy

  • Learn to communicate, you are heard.

I am a member of AACAST American Association of Couples and Sex Therapist

Please reach out to a better relationship!